Sweepingly [adverb]

Definition of Sweepingly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sweepingly:

Sentence/Example of Sweepingly:

"Because they are in love with him—all of them," replied Manuel, sweepingly.

Did he not sweepingly assert that there is no such thing as a virtuous statesman?

The Druids sweepingly asserted that it would "heal all diseases."

There surely was a reason for it if He was so sweepingly rejected.

He gathered that Marise was objecting to it, just as sweepingly as Eugenia was approving.

Trevors had misnamed him a fool, sweepingly mistaking youth, business inexperience and a careless way, for lack of brains.

Miss Carroway sent a startled glance at the lecturer and sweepingly included the assembled group.

In this passage half truths are so sweepingly asserted as universal that it becomes simply untrue.

As the days went by it seemed plain that he was growing in favor with Louise,—not sweepingly so, but yet perceptibly, he fancied.

The assertion is not quite easy to prove however, and has been put forward too sweepingly.