Sweepstakes [noun]

Definition of Sweepstakes:


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Sentence/Example of Sweepstakes:

Won the Brighton Beach overnight sweepstakes in nineteen an' four.

Sysonby himself won the Brighton sweepstakes in nineteen-four.

They would tie them hand and foot, and turn the Sweepstakes adrift.

Harry understood from this that the Sweepstakes had again escaped.

The only consolation he could find was in the hope that the Sweepstakes might be speedily captured.

She was still lying at the upper end of the breakers, waiting for the Sweepstakes.

For a few minutes there was a great commotion on the deck of the Sweepstakes.

We ought to say that Tom was again master of the Sweepstakes.

He only wished that the work was done, and that he was well out to sea with the Sweepstakes.

"I think you have won the sweepstakes, Miss White," Macleod said.