Sweetbread [noun]

Definition of Sweetbread:

organ meat

Synonyms of Sweetbread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweetbread:


Sentence/Example of Sweetbread:

The lamb's fry should be nearly all sweetbread, and very little liver.

Then put in the sweetbread and ham, and enough stock to mix nicely.

Harris, wrinkled as a sweetbread and thin as an umbrella, blinked at Cassy.

Perhaps if you could get me a sweetbread I might manage a few morsels.

And then for her supper she had a sweetbread—a sweetbread and bacon.

Laddie, do you think you could manage a fried sole and a sweetbread?

If it has really any thing to do with a calf at all, it is the sweetbread.

Heat the dice of sweetbread in this sauce and fill the cases with it.

Whom she meant, she did not say; but she could scarcely have meant the sweetbread.

So I got her the sweetbread she would not have for dinner, which warmed up well.