Sweetest [adjective]

Definition of Sweetest:


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Sentence/Example of Sweetest:

If you get it for him I'll thank you in the sweetest way possible.

Ah, I wish I could think so; it is the sweetest countenance!

To their furry little ears, it was the sweetest music that could be.

The song-birds of Earth gathered about her and sang their sweetest songs.

Fly, my sweetest, move those dainty feet of thine, for egad!

Why, my dear, there is the sweetest parcel of silks come over you ever saw!

Here then is the divine source of the sweetest and purest joy.

When I come back I'll be the sweetest little Willie in the diggin's.

I have come to know you for the sweetest, gentlest saint in all this world.

It was 'my love,' 'dearest,' 'sweetest,' ringing in our ears every moment.