Sweetheart [noun]

Definition of Sweetheart:

person whom another loves

Synonyms of Sweetheart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweetheart:




Sentence/Example of Sweetheart:

A "bronch fighter" is not more jealous of his sweetheart than of his reputation as a rider.

He could not have her for a sweetheart, if she shared her love with other men.

Some o' the men said she was his sweetheart, but he don't look like that kind.

"Don't worry about me, sweetheart," he replied in a well controlled voice.

Her sweetheart was named Gadern, and he was a young and strong hunter.

Got no more regards than a brazing calf-disturbin' a feller with his sweetheart!

"Sweetheart, you mustn't fret," she soothed, in motherly fashion.

I have no mind to wed for a while, but Giles Martin of Gommatch is my sweetheart.

He was a sweetheart, a society sweetheart, who are always the worst of all.

You can away now, sweetheart, if you have aught to engage you.'