Sweetie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sweetie:

Here's a sweetie for ye; it's a peppermint lozenge, an' it's a graun' help.

Sweetie was cut out for the undertakin' business, by rights.

But this little one with her head on my chest is such a sweetie!

When your ship comes in, Sweetie, will it have turkeys and jellies in it?

He spoke so sadly when he said he had no children of his own, that Sweetie could not refuse to go.

So Sweetie told them all Mr. Rogers had said and done for her.

Which joke you may not understand, sweetie, being a lady, and I will not now stop to explain.

I want to tell you sweetie it was the worst part of the whole war to me.

Late in the afternoon he picked his way through the dull, dirty alley to the old gray house where Sweetie lived.

James drove Sweetie home, for the last time, to the dilapidated old house.