Sweetly [adverb]

Definition of Sweetly:

in a sweet manner

Synonyms of Sweetly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweetly:


Sentence/Example of Sweetly:

How sweetly he sang to the mother bird while she sat upon the nest!

Oh, how sweetly were those fair evenings spent,—the evenings of happy June!

"Perhaps you don't understand," admitted Mrs. Hallam sweetly.

Yes, they were indeed the accents which had fallen so sweetly on his heart at the Hague.

Folk who have sung so sweetly together should not fight thereafter.

Blanche had sweetly asked her for permission to sit down beside her.

"I quite agree with you as to the benefit of a good school," Jan said sweetly.

She went out of her way to be as sweetly gracious as possible.

"Of course, and we were calculating that you would," said Mary sweetly.

But when it actually confronted them it was sweetly declined.