Swept [verb]

Definition of Swept:

brush off, away

Synonyms of Swept:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swept:


Sentence/Example of Swept:

It swept him away; this revival of passion was irresistible.

And forthwith, as one who may not be resisted, he swept up the cards and began to shuffle.

He swept up the blankets and went down the stairs to the first floor.

When this was swept away the floor presented no suspicious traces.

But Jeff Rankin swept all argument away with a movement of his big paws.

He swept her into his arms, and his lips met hers in a hearty caress.

He might have stayed his hand then, but for the gusty rage that swept him on to the crime.

And the music seized us and swept us away with its rapture and its mystery.

They fished out our rivers and swept up the game like fire in the forest.

The wave of humanity that swept down the steps carried Mike in its front wash.