Swerves [verb]

Definition of Swerves:

turn aside, often to avoid collision

Synonyms of Swerves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swerves:

Sentence/Example of Swerves:

In a swerve he almost stopped, every muscle of his big body trembling in affright.

It has fixed rules which are the props of order, and will not swerve or bend in extreme cases.

The Arcadians did not swerve: in compact order they waited impassively.

And even now it was held to be undignified to swerve from that doctrine.

He would not swerve from the line of duty which he had marked out.

Why should you struggle and get hurt, if you can lower your head and swerve, and not lose a feather?

He knew his duty, and did not swerve one hair from the line it prompted.

Her path had been taken, and nothing now could make her swerve from it.

Nothing could swerve him from honesty or the performance of his task.

Nature's laws are inflexible and swerve not for any human wish.