Swindled [verb]

Definition of Swindled:

cheat, steal

Synonyms of Swindled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swindled:






Sentence/Example of Swindled:

"You have been swindled, Bohmer," said the Queen's lady promptly.

Did you ever hear of a case in which a swindler was swindled?

He converted everything into cash; he lied, swindled, stole, and skipped.

He is swindled by no agents, post-traders or secretaries at war.

But that uncle of hers swindled me out of ten thousand dollars!

I'm only a country boy, but I don't allow myself to be swindled as easily as you.

I was swindled, of course, but we should have died if we'd had to eat them up.

Spend its contents as you may find necessary, but do not be swindled out of it.

It would only leave the senior partner to be swindled still more.

He swindled me out of a thousand dollars, and I ought to know him.