Swindlers [noun]

Definition of Swindlers:

person who cheats another

Synonyms of Swindlers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swindlers:

Sentence/Example of Swindlers:

Did you ever hear of a case in which a swindler was swindled?

It was a trifle disconcerting to discover that she was the daughter of a swindler.

If he is a swindler, I certainly hope that sooner or later they expose him.

"Swindler, thief, scoundrel," were the terms he had thought of.

The swindler was not there, nor was he on the adjoining roof.

"Hang the luck; he must take me for a charity association," muttered the swindler.

She got in, and as chance would have it, took a seat close to the swindler.

The swindler swung around, stared at Nat, and his face fell.

Nat continued the hunt for the swindler for a good hour and then gave it up.

"I—I reckon I made a mistake," said the swindler, much crestfallen.