Swinging [adjective]

Definition of Swinging:

moving backward and forward

Synonyms of Swinging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swinging:


Sentence/Example of Swinging:

My "job" could not be "swung" by anyone else, since everyone else is essential to the swinging of his own.

So he caught their minds as he had caught the Stick, swinging back from disaster.

And Yates, swinging drowsily in his hammock, was no less gratified.

A quarter of a mile from the finish the horses raced into a swinging stride.

Already the swinging of the censers could be heard coming from the depths of the church.

One morning at daybreak I was awakened by Jim swinging back my door.

He was a large man clad in gray, and he was swinging an umbrella.

What was her horror to find that it hung loose, swinging idly in the wind!

Again, Von Holzen ran at him with his arm outstretched for a swinging stab.

Swinging the nose of the canoe ashore, Frank grounded the craft and got out.