Swinish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Swinish:

The swinish Jews, however, show the impurity of their minds everywhere.

When you see a man who reminds you of a hog, be assured he has swinish habits.

He's as obstinate as a pig, but that's the only swinish thing about him.

Fill your swinish skins with liquor, and trouble me no more this day.

We are all now under what Burke called "the hoofs of the swinish multitude."

She could love him, polluted and swinish in the low sinks of womankind.

Tribes that have swinish traits were destroyers there and will be destroyers here.

To pursue pleasure, say the anti-utilitarians, is a swinish doctrine.

Thus the forty-seven ronin were pre-eminently "righteous" when they debauched themselves with every swinish vice.

It disgusted the Romans beyond measure to witness the swinish excesses of the Germans.