Swirl [verb]

Definition of Swirl:

spin around

Synonyms of Swirl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swirl:

Sentence/Example of Swirl:

Then a swirl of other Mercutians anxious to get at the Earthman eddied him out of view.

There was a swirl of snow over the fields and the line where sky and earth met could not be seen.

It must be glorious to be in the rush and swirl of all this splendid effort, whatever comes of it!

Pete shut the door of the bar-room, and then the wind was heard to swirl through the porch.

This was sufficient recommendation for Henry, in the swirl of his agitation, to loose his tongue.

The dance began with a swirl of noise and hilarious confusion.

Kitty threw a crust to the goldfish and watched them swirl about it greedily.

What if the dust did swirl up in blinding sheets from the south?

The swirl of the current swept him into the shallower stream below.

I tried twice; and the second time I landed him right in the swirl.