Swirled [verb]

Definition of Swirled:

spin around

Synonyms of Swirled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swirled:

Sentence/Example of Swirled:

Presently he swirled round the corner and drew up at the gate.

Clouds of butterflies sprang up at their approach and swirled about them.

"Wolfgar—he——" She choked a little in the smoke that swirled around them.

Ianito's words trailed off into the maelstrom of sound that swirled about them.

Suddenly Roy swirled on top and grasped the helpless Dave by the throat.

She caught the long gloves up, and swirled them round on his cheek.

The smoke, rushing down the vestibule, swirled into the air and lifted.

There in the nest of green, they swirled around themselves, shimmering.

He slipped backward involuntarily, for the crowds that swirled by him daunted him.

It swirled insidiously about their heads, numbing their senses.