Swishing [adjective]

Definition of Swishing:


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Sentence/Example of Swishing:

Neither of them spoke, and the only sound was the swishing of the paddle.

But his oil, all day long and all night too, was swishing in its 96tanks on the course to Zanzibar.

I shouldn't mind the—the swishing so much if I'd done anything.

Helen's voice sang above their footsteps and the swishing of her dress.

The heavy clouds and the swishing rain held no gloom for me.

He could not understand the swishing of his right boot, at every hurrying stride.

Outside in the street an automobile passed, swishing by the wall.

During the whole flight not a sound, save the swishing of their wings can be heard.

The Colonel stopped his marching and swishing and came to the window.

All at once the pace slackened, and the swishing sound ceased.