Switched [verb]

Definition of Switched:

change, exchange

Synonyms of Switched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Switched:

Sentence/Example of Switched:

She said she wouldn't live in this town, not if she was switched.

Presently the searchlight was switched off, leaving the deck in utter darkness.

This did not interest me much, so I switched our talk to something that did.

He switched on the electric light in the hall, and opened the door.

The steps came up and up and she switched on the light in the passage.

He switched the light off, and stood for a while in the dark.

Then Professor Wentworth switched off the current and stepped toward the tank.

As he spoke he gave a muttered curse and switched on his amber fog-light.

There were three men visible in the room, and Chris switched his attention now to them.

He switched on his ato-flash and led the way down cautiously.