Switching [verb]

Definition of Switching:

change, exchange

Synonyms of Switching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Switching:

Sentence/Example of Switching:

Jim on his side of the creek stood thinking and switching his leg.

With the day just opening, like switching on all the electric lights in the world!

"Find out in the morning how she feels about it," said Elinor, switching off the light.

Then all the energy was snuffed out of him like the switching off of an electric current.

He went quickly into his bedroom, switching on the light, to get a glass of water.

We'll be out of here now as quick as we can get an engine: they've been switching with ours.

"Sure," Rat said drily, switching his long tail from side to side.

Not another inch could we make her budge, either by pulling or switching.

I'm so tired I could sleep in an excursion special that was switching at Pittsburgh.

I just shortened the process by switching her onto the male-superiority hate.