Swollen [adjective]

Definition of Swollen:


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Sentence/Example of Swollen:

After it has swollen as much as it will, the plaster mould is made as before.

His eyelids were swollen by the great tears which at last rolled down his cheeks.

In short, the swollen river had already done a great deal of mischief.

He was trying to speak, but his swollen lips could scarcely make a sound.

The late storms had swollen the waters in the neighbourhood.

So my cut and swollen lip was explained, and my trips were not discovered.

His eyes had shed so many tears that they were swollen and unrecognisable.

The Viorne, swollen by the rains, flowed on with a dull, continuous sound.

She smiled as she said this though her legs were swollen and bruised.

His eyes were red and swollen, his beautiful yellow beard was still wet.