Swoon [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swoon:

All this Barnaby saw with his first clear consciousness after his swoon.

Vanished into the swoon whose blackness encompassed and hid me.

I was ready to swoon, not with grief and trouble, but with solid joy and peace.'

Did you drop no word during my swoon that might have led them to suspect?

Private Smith wakened from one swoon only to fall into another.

The swoon of Athos had merely been occasioned by loss of blood.

A long time she lay in a swoon, her head on the very 373 edge of the brink.

And what do you suppose my dogs had been at during my swoon?

The women shriek and swoon, grovel on the ground, and tear their hair.

All of a sudden, with a great big thump, our hearts seem to fall in a swoon.