Swooned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swooned:

Kindly turn the lime-light off the swooned maiden, and throw it on to me.

Swooned the sound on the wide lagoons into palpitant silence.

Then he swooned, and Martine and Ramond with difficulty carried him back to bed.

There was the hush of the world's awe here as day swooned into night.

Ascertaining that she had but swooned he placed her gently on the bed.

It was as if Carlos had swooned; his eyes were closed, his face like a carving.

When it was done she swooned, but she woke to hear voices at the door of the shop.

His presence made such an impression on me, that I swooned away.

But suddenly he swooned and fell and his consciousness went from him.

Del Dardo would have swooned to see how Annina handled his Unapproachable.