Swooning [verb]

Definition of Swooning:


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Sentence/Example of Swooning:

Cyrus came, running, and between them they get the swooning Gussie to her room.

In a swooning fit, the patient should immediately be exposed to the open air, and the face and neck sprinkled with cold water.

Perhaps it might be of use to recover persons from swooning.

The agony which had come from rough motion was keeping Smith from swooning now.

He caught the swooning Melisselda in his arms and covered her face with kisses.

Everything swam before his eyes as if he were on the point of swooning.

It was Taurus Antinor who received the swooning Cæsar in his strong arms.

His ears rung as in the overture to the swooning dream of chloroform.

She fell, swooning, into his arms; and he had no alternative but to be her lover.

She guessed that he was stupefied by exhaustion, yet not swooning.