Swooping [verb]

Definition of Swooping:

descend quickly

Synonyms of Swooping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swooping:



Sentence/Example of Swooping:

The Mercutians were almost directly overhead now, preparing to swoop.

So the swoop of the squall took them completely by surprise.

His right hand seemed to hang on the instant for the swoop to his gun.

With a swoop upwards instead of a swoop downwards, as you say.

Like a falcon on its perch, he awaited the opportunity to swoop on the quarry.

But she sprang from bed before depression could swoop down upon her.

Some ravenous water-fowl, might swoop, and pick his eyes out with iron beak.

Their eyes were not yet quick enough to tell them when to swoop.

I have never yet seen her swoop or strike after the manner of other hawks.

I went down it with a swoop, landed in a heap beside the kiosk and ducked into it.