Swore [verb]

Definition of Swore:

declare under oath

Synonyms of Swore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swore:

Sentence/Example of Swore:

She could feel the shears against her hair, and she was so scared she swore like he told her.

Where is this camp to which you swore that you would lead us?

There was a girl who swore she was innocent—yes, she swore that she was innocent.

Edward swore a fierce oath that they should either go, or hang.

He stormed and swore, and forbade Elizabeth ever coming in his sight again.

I've sworn more in a week since you left us, than I ever swore in my life before!

He was ordered into the boat at least half-a-dozen times, but swore he would not budge.

This brought on an explosion, and I swore I would quit the ship.

But the air was filled with rage and jealousy, and she swore a terrible revenge.

He stopt his horse, and swore she was the most beautiful creature he ever beheld.