Sworn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sworn:

He tried to swear Edith and me to secrecy, but we refused to be sworn.

Suddenly he remembered that he had also sworn to put Carlotta out of his life.

For my part, I should have been deceived this time, and sworn that the two were but one.

She was then fighting, fighting with all her power against odds, for her sworn duty.

I've sworn more in a week since you left us, than I ever swore in my life before!

Now, all of us brothers have sworn to deliver that message, and to see that you keep the tryst.

Come to the ball at Harrowgate, I win my bet, and I'm your sworn friend.

When I reached the mainland again I had sworn that I had been floating.

What could they offer a woman who had, in one way or another, sworn to curse God and die?

Within a quarter of a mile—well, Wahb did just what the man had sworn to do to him.