Sybarites [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sybarites:

That is nothing, and I am only mentioning it to you so that you should not think I am a sybarite.

A Sybarite in every taste, he has invented a little philosophy of his own.

The Athenian bowed, and the Sybarite returned to his philosophy.

With all her devotion she was something of a sybarite and liked repose.

A sybarite on an inadequate income, he was ever the man of action.

Without the immorality, we had the very atmosphere of a Sybarite indulgence.

It is the Spartan, not the Sybarite, who is capable of heroic deeds.

Tommy, youre a sybarite, said Bob, as he climbed onto the launch.

The moment he entered, Culligore felt as though he were invading the den of a sybarite.

Mr. Warburton, of Warburton Place, must be a sybarite, and should be a happy man.