Sycophants [noun]

Definition of Sycophants:

person who caters to another

Synonyms of Sycophants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sycophants:


Sentence/Example of Sycophants:

Crowds of friends and sycophants might surround the Gregoriev.

The Imperial Court was full of frauds, traitors, and sycophants.

I'm tired, too, of all the sycophants, liars and fools who hang around.

Like many other sycophants, Sidi Hassan had mistaken his man.

I didn't suppose you were another of Sparkfair's sycophants!

At the instance of his sycophants the king demanded a heavy fine from Rahmut.

Murad was not strong, and was easily deceived by sycophants and ruled by women.

Sycophants and flatterers are undesignedly treacherous and fickle.

Popular opinion branded the judges as sycophants and traitors.

His acquaintances and sycophants were many, but his friends very few.