Syllables [noun]

Definition of Syllables:

sound unit of speech

Synonyms of Syllables:

Opposite/Antonyms of Syllables:


Sentence/Example of Syllables:

I have been in the city to-day, and did not hear a syllable of this.

Her sobs and tears prevented his understanding one syllable she said.

Not a syllable of opposition to his reelection is heard from any quarter.

Hamish did not say a syllable about the loss at table; neither did Arthur.

No one shall have it in his power to say a syllable against me,' he returned. '

But I will not offend fastidious ears with any syllable of my rougher tongue.

Adelaide and I did not exchange a syllable upon the subject.

It was not long: it was burned into my heart, and I have never forgotten a syllable of it.

Will they forego the facts of an epoch, for the orthography of a syllable?

This being the case, no one spoke a syllable of the matter to me.