Syllogisms [noun]

Definition of Syllogisms:

deductive reasoning

Synonyms of Syllogisms:

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Sentence/Example of Syllogisms:

The first part answers to the term, the second to the proposition, the third to the syllogism.

We also can make a syllogism, and it reads thus: The present State is tolerable.

It bristles with incongruity and contradiction, yet it is as logical as a syllogism.

The major premise of this syllogism is a fact of observation.

State two or three of Burke's arguments in the form of a syllogism.

“It was a syllogism,” replied the Dominie, taking the pannikin from his mouth.

In every syllogism there are three terms,—major, minor, and middle.

A statement of these qualities, he says, will form the major of his syllogism.

Put the proposed Syllogism before him, and ask him what he thinks of the Conclusion.

Let us take the Syllogism Darapti, which is universally accepted as valid.