Syllogistic [noun]

Definition of Syllogistic:

science of reasoning

Opposite/Antonyms of Syllogistic:

Sentence/Example of Syllogistic:

In the syllogistic system he found only subtlety and arid ingenuity.

Syllogistic reasoning "proceeds from generals to particulars."

The syllogistic is then naturally absent from St. John's Epistles.

But without one universal premiss at least, there can be no syllogistic proof.

It is even said that all the doctrines of Deductive or Syllogistic Logic may be educed from them.

But for syllogistic purposes the distinctions have no relevance.

In the syllogistic form, "is" means is contained in, "is not," is not contained in.

But Lincoln's confidence was not in syllogistic forms, however trim.

Discuss the possibility of reducing the argument a fortiori to the syllogistic form.

I wouldn't dare reduce it to syllogistic form, because it might not hold much water, logically speaking.