Sylphs [noun]

Definition of Sylphs:

female nature spirit

Synonyms of Sylphs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sylphs:


Sentence/Example of Sylphs:

Meg is always moaning and groaning because she isn't a sylph!

He could not picture her as a sylph of one hundred and fifty pounds.

Her style was "sylph," and so she was gauzy and floating in all her drapery.

The Sylph rose and sank to the first long roll of the open sea.

The Sylph came about, with sails trembling, and lost headway.

The Zephyr was rapidly approaching the Sylph, as the sailboat was called.

Her steps were as light as a sylph's, nothing rattled in the sick-room as she moved about it.

On this the Sylph opened her fire, and soon sent them to the right about.

She has the figure and motions of a sylph, the face of an angel, the eye of love itself.

But his first desire was to ascertain what had become of the Sylph.