Symbiotic [adjective]

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Symbiotic: species that live together in a state of symbiosis.

The peculiar yellow cells which are found in the central capsule of many Acantharia are symbiotic xanthell (see 76).

This would point to the symbiotic character of galls and their guests.

The light of one animal at least, and I believe many others also, cannot be due to any sort of symbiotic organism.

Pierantoni has considered the granules to be symbiotic luminous bacteria, but this is certainly not the case.

This established the important principle of symbiotic fermentation and gave it a rational explanation.

I don't know the exact details, but the reports are very enthusiastic about symbiotic relationships.

They have found ways to join a symbiotic relationship with the life forms on this planet.

These are called symbionts or symbiotic parasites and the mutual relationship symbiosis.

Symbiotic association with other animals, in varying degrees of interdependence, is frequent.