Symbolical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Symbolical:

It began to be terrible to him, because it seemed to be symbolical.

This act was symbolical of his giving to her his worldly goods.

These various designs no doubt all had some symbolical significance.

For the mass of people, knowledge must be symbolical, mythical, dynamic.

Possibly the birds were intended to be symbolical of the souls of the faithful.

Thirdly, that the cat is symbolical and means something else.

It was symbolical; Krishna was its centre, and the rest were wooing him.

Not for me, reverend Mre; you shall kill no fatted calf, real or symbolical, for me!

It seems to me that here and there in life we meet with a person or incident that is symbolical.

The shape of his lips was symbolical of his habit of discourse; he was of few words.