Symbolization [noun]

Definition of Symbolization:

creation meant to communicate or appeal to senses or mind

Synonyms of Symbolization:

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Sentence/Example of Symbolization:

According to the early Christian symbolization, the ship denoted the Church.

The resurrection of itself is an event of such a peculiar nature as to forbid its symbolization.

Symbolization of the offering of self is made by a silver string as long as the giver is tall.

The simplification of life is attained in dreams through three processes, visualization, condensation and symbolization.

Symbolization is a reduction of an object to one essential detail which has struck us as more important than the others.

The fancy is rather poetical and this example is quite typical of the symbolization of our lifes incidents by the dream work.

Besides time, mood was also expressed by the primitive Indo-European verb, recourse being had to symbolization for the purpose.