Symbolizes [verb]

Definition of Symbolizes:

represent; stand for

Synonyms of Symbolizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Symbolizes:


Sentence/Example of Symbolizes:

She cannot work the problem for thinking of what it symbolizes.

And in the second place the Sabbath symbolizes the future world.

It is an idea that symbolizes the tendency of the human intellect to fabrication.

It symbolizes the real and transposes it into the human rather than expresses it.

It symbolizes the aspiration without which no man's faith can hold its own.

It should be treated with reverence because it symbolizes our common country.

However, to dwell on the housetop is an expression which symbolizes desolation.

Salt stands for and corresponds with, and it symbolizes, blood and life.

The expedition was great not merely even in what it symbolizes.

No work of the Master's hand so symbolizes life as do the mountains.