Symmetrically [adverb]

Definition of Symmetrically:


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Sentence/Example of Symmetrically:

The porters arranged them symmetrically, tier by tier, on the vehicles.

It is divided into four bays, and is not symmetrically placed to the church.

In drying skins, stretch them symmetrically and dry in the shade.

This joint should be finished as symmetrically as possible and wiped while the solder is hot.

These are often symmetrically disposed, either on the poles of the dimensive axes or in crossed diagonal planes.

On the outer surface often arise radial spines, symmetrically disposed either in dimensive planes or in diagonal planes.

At one end of this plain the mounds were symmetrically arranged.

All these rows are symmetrically divided by the median line.

The hydroplanes are symmetrically disposed on two sides of the vessel.

A point of view by no means contrary, yet symmetrically opposed, to his.