Sympathetically [adverb]

Definition of Sympathetically:


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Sentence/Example of Sympathetically:

"Better not try to describe her—while I'm by, you know," said Mrs. Drelmer, sympathetically.

"I wonder that you take her to drive with you," suggested Philip, sympathetically.

"I think that's a good mare of yours, Mr. Porter," said Crane, sympathetically.

"I should say you've got a pretty good handful," Lady Pen said sympathetically.

Polly squeezed it sympathetically, and told him how sorry she was for his accident.

"I am sorry," said Mr. Caryll, and eyed the other sympathetically.

No doubt that was why she had been sympathetically fond of him ever since, and was being so nice to him now.

“Too much study for the brain,” says my uncle, sympathetically, his eye on the bottle.

“Gives your face gyp,” said the half-breed, sympathetically.

The scene has been most sympathetically described by Gardiner.