Sympathies [noun]

Definition of Sympathies:

shared feeling

Opposite/Antonyms of Sympathies:

Sentence/Example of Sympathies:

Nothing could degrade them beyond the reach of their sympathies!

Indeed, her sympathies were easily accessible to a man of that sort.

But it may be said that the miserable victims of the system have our sympathies.

I'm willing to do that—my sympathies are always with the under dog, anyway, and they're five to one.

The doctrine of sympathies and antipathies is a surprising doctrine.

This divergence of taste and sympathies is no laughing matter.

There could be no doubt as to her sympathies being with him.

This is a matter of business, with which sympathies and sentiments have nothing to do.

She grew up in the markets and her sympathies were with the lower ranks of the people.

It never entered into his head that she was trying to play upon his sympathies.