Symposia [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Symposia:

Mrs. Tuttle did not favor the grave character of these symposia.

For myself, I prefer our own tea-table to the symposia to which I am often invited.

He gave up his leisure hours to Symposia by no means Socratical.

He gave up his leisure hours to symposia by no means Socratical.

No doubt Francisco Pacheco brought his pupil Velazquez to the symposia.

Their symposia are held in a place without the city, which they call the Elysian Field.

The house was thus a small centre of intellectual life, though the symposia were not altogether such as became philosophers.

The body of Curetes celebrate their Symposia at the same time, and perform certain mystic sacrifices.

When were symposia more attractive than when the élite of Athens, in the time of Pericles, feasted and communed together?

I read nothing with more pleasure than their Symposia: to say nothing of Athenaeus, whose work is one long banquet.