Symposium [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Symposium:

There are no means of determining the relative order in time of the Phaedrus, Symposium, Phaedo.

The Phaedo also presents some points of comparison with the Symposium.

Yet this 'passion of the reason' is the theme of the Symposium of Plato.

The Symposium cannot therefore be regarded as a youthful work.

The Symposium may be observed to resemble as well as to differ from the Phaedo.

We are no longer in such good company as in the Phaedrus and Symposium.

On my last evening in hospital especially, there was quite a symposium.

THE symposium of the preceding evening had been a little too much for my nerves.

In these respects the symposium will not prove a disappointment.

To no one did it occur, even, that that was to be the last "symposium."