Symptomatic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Symptomatic:

They are symptomatic of an age, an evil age that is passing.

But you promise to commence your symptomatic harangue on the morrow?

What cases of chloasma are included in the symptomatic group?

The history of the universe is symptomatic, and life is mnemonical.

It is symptomatic of healthy action, and ought not to be checked.

They existed, but they were exceptional; they were sporadic, and not symptomatic.

Icterus, symptomatic of the affection, has not been observed.

Headache is often symptomatic of other diseases, especially those of the inflammatory and nervous kind, rheumatism, &c.

The action is symptomatic of the disorder, and it is the earliest sign displayed.

This peculiarity must be symptomatic, and it must have been influential.