Synchronizes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Synchronizes:

After the two circuits have been adjusted to the same frequency they are said to synchronize.

He saw little of Johnnie thereafter, for their hours did not synchronize.

But is it necessary to synchronize the events of the story so closely?

It must have been a terrible job to synchronize those two alternators, commented Joe.

It was almost impossible to synchronize the three engines, and the beat was almost unbearable.

Synchronize your speed with mine; I will be working very rapidly, and it is vital that you be in harmony with me every instant.

Synchronize carefully the infantry advance and the lengthening of the artillery fire.

He had occupied some of his spare time in attempting to synchronize clocks from a standard clock.

Fred has a telemagneto recorder there that he can synchronize with this camera outfit easily enough.

They can't, without my knowing it, and I'll cut off the second anybody tries to synchronize with my beam.