Syncopated [verb]

Definition of Syncopated:

compact, condense

Synonyms of Syncopated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Syncopated:

Sentence/Example of Syncopated:

Syncopate and transpose the envelope, and give the inner part.

Syncopate and curtail a carpenter's tool, and leave an insect.

Syncopate and curtail a motive power, and leave a body of water.

Syncopate and curtail a royal ornament, and leave a domestic animal.

Syncopate and curtail a greenish mineral, and leave a Turkish officer.

Syncopate and curtail a sweet substance, and leave an agricultural implement.

Syncopate another part of the body, and leave a wild animal.

Syncopate a crown of a person of rank, and leave a musical instrument.

Syncopate a small house, and leave a fugitive named in the Bible.

Syncopate a short, ludicrous play, and leave a part of the body.