Syndicates [noun]

Definition of Syndicates:

group of business entities

Synonyms of Syndicates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Syndicates:

Sentence/Example of Syndicates:

His mind was at rest about the syndicate report now that it had been mailed to London.

We have smelters; they are closed at the order of a syndicate in this city.

The name selected by the syndicate for their new building was "The Globe."

When this syndicate was organized, or who constituted its members, we cannot say.

It's this syndicate business that your father has got mixed up in.

When our syndicate was starting we wanted a manager for the export end.

But this time the object of his attention was no longer the syndicate's depot.

A telephone receiver similar to that at the syndicate's depot was within.

He wouldn't join the syndicate unless he was in difficulties.

With luck, the syndicate would get him off with a couple of years at Quentin.