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At Paris a numerous synod was assembled, in which it was voted that Gregory ought not here to be obeyed.

The Swedes and Germans were Lutherans, but each nationality was of a different synod and had little agreement or fellowship.

About this time the Council, or rather synod, of Trent closed its sittings, and published its decrees to the whole of Christendom.

In theory each congregation had the power to send a deputy to the Provincial Synod; in fact, only a few ever used the privilege.

He presided over the Pan-Anglican Synod in 1867, and in 1868 succeeded to the archbishopric.

The Western Synod of this body still exists as a separate denomination.

On the 5th February 1528, a numerous synod framed the constitution of the church of St. Gall.

The Norwegian Synod, which confesses the same faith, also has several educational institutions.

The Holy Synod consisted of bishops and a Procurator-general who represented the czar and as such could veto any resolution.

He, as well as his people, is subject in religious matters to the ecclesiastical authority of the Holy Synod.