Synodical [adjective]

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Muskogee was chosen as the place for the synodical meeting in 1913.

The period of the synodical revolution of Venus as computed to-day is 583.920 days.

This series deals quite clearly with synodical revolutions of the moon.

The same doctrine is clearly stated in the synodical epistle of St. Cyril of Alexandria.

Civil law stepped in to confirm these papal and synodical decrees.

Its synodical period is such that it has three oppositions in seven years.

The synodical period of Mercury is one hundred and sixteen days, and that of Venus five hundred and eighty-four days.

The period occupied by a planet between two successive conjunctions with the earth is called its synodical revolution.

The period in which the moon goes through every variety of phase; that is, one synodical revolution.

Mr. Gladstone then moved an additional clause, giving the Church of England in the colonies the power of synodical action.