Synopses [noun]

Definition of Synopses:

digest, summary

Synonyms of Synopses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Synopses:

Sentence/Example of Synopses:

The play is so well known that a synopsis of it is unnecessary.

I purpose to furnish a synopsis of the whole at the end of the work.

See the synopsis of Coligny's speech in La Planche, 247, 248.

Here then I conclude my synopsis of the work of the Fleet in 1915.

He turned to the serial story and began to read the synopsis.

Alfred answered the telegram, requesting a synopsis of the article.

This report has just been published, and the following is a synopsis of the results.

I might write it if I chose, I often do, but I had to give the synopsis from memory.

Then, sometimes, there is a synopsis of the story published.

How does an abridgment differ from an outline or a synopsis?