Synthesized [verb]

Definition of Synthesized:

combine; make whole

Synonyms of Synthesized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Synthesized:

Sentence/Example of Synthesized:

The antibody could be synthesized and one could attack any epidemic with confidence.

Did you know, tobacco cannot be synthesized at all, at any price?

When fats could be synthesized the day of the farmer would be over.

It may be synthesized from resorcin and malic anhydride or from β resorcyl aldehyde, acetic anhydride and sodium acetate.

Everything else was synthesized into a dull ache, a hollow, gnawing, physical ache.

Nothing except food, and much of this was now being produced by great factories that synthesized protein and carbohydrates.

Up until 2017, only about five per cent of their synthesized hearts lasted more than thirty days.

Since both these substances have been synthesized (see Tropine), the artificial formation of atropine is accomplished.

It was unlikely that he could be seen, he knew, though the sense of sight was only a synthesized abstraction to him.

Sure, grain alcohol can be synthesized, but bouquet isn't that simple, and you'll pay dearly for it—how you'll pay!