Temperately [adverb]

Definition of Temperately:


Opposite/Antonyms of Temperately:

Sentence/Example of Temperately:

"I am no seeking to excuse the man," said Sir Archy, temperately.

And he bade her feel his pulse, how temperately it beat, not like a madman's.

"Well, they are of all kinds, of course," said Powell temperately.

"Now look here, Beth; don't be rabid," said Dan temperately.

They cared not for luxury; but they lived naturally and temperately.

But Cranmer, to whom they were chiefly entrusted, advanced them steadily and temperately.

I do not object to this destination, if temperately pursued.

"At least, as a fair-minded man, you will look into the matter," said McNish temperately.

Francis Galton has been temperately persistent in a marked degree.

As temperately as possible Andrews had passed these tidings on to Mrs. Darling.