Temperatures [noun]

Definition of Temperatures:

hotness, coldness of some degree

Synonyms of Temperatures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temperatures:


Sentence/Example of Temperatures:

Readings taken at other temperatures should be converted to 80°.

When the temperatures of the two junctions are the same, the system is in equilibrium.

Roughly speaking, grape buds start at temperatures from 50 to 60 F.

The temperatures and pressures at which such change can be effected.

Midday temperatures are seasonable, and nights are always cool.

A cryotron functions only at temperatures near absolute zero.

As with temperatures, so with flavors; as with cold and heat, so with sour and sweet.

A table provides the necessary corrections for other temperatures.

If water at the two temperatures are in a tank, where will each be found?

The dog evidently follows him in all altitudes and at all temperatures.